Material Theme Logo

Adding your company main logo through the theme editor

Make use of the build in theme editor in order to change your company main logo. Our demo logo is 126x60px but there is enough space available for a logo of up to 200px in width.


Adding your mini logo through the admin panel

Once you have added your company main logo go ahead and create a new version of your logo with just the icon of your company. Our demo mini logo dimensions are 31x31px but yours can be up to 150px in width.

To replace the mini logo simply log into your admin panel and on Design / Layouts / Default location, change the image inside the "Mini logo" block. Make sure to leave the link to the homepage intact so that your mini logo when clicked links back to the homepage.

Alternatively you can simply overwrite the current logo image by replacing it with your new one in images/companies/1/logo-mini.png