How to present my product categories with color on the Toy Store Template?

A frequently asked question that we get for the Toy store template is “how do I color my main menu items like you are doing in your demo” and have my product categories show up as colored menu items.

To answer that we will have to explain to you how this top menu is build. By default, cs-cart populates this top menu with product categories. What you have to do instead is to go and create a menu that consists of menu items linking to your categories content.

To do that you will have to go on your admin panel and then on the top right side click on the tab titled "design" and then click on the “menus” link.
Go ahead and add a new menu. Don’t worry too much about the name you are going to give it as its only there for your convenience.
After giving it a name go ahead and create the menu items. To do that you will have to click on the "add item" button.
Since you are going to recreate your product categories tree each menu item that you are going to be creating will be assigned as a root level item so leave that option as it is.
Type in the name of your category name at the link text area.
Set the appropriate position number.
On the Generate submenu section select the category radio button and click on the choose symbol in order to select the corresponding root level category.
On the css_class area type the name of the color you want this item to appear by choosing one of the following:
blue, cyan, red, yellow, green, orange, purple.
Click on the create button and now your new menu item has been created.
Follow the same steps in order to create more menu items according to how many categories you have.
Once you are done go to Design and then click on Blocks. You will be transferred to your blocks editor and by default you are going to land on the default location where your main menu block appears.
Scroll down until you find your top menu block and delete it.
Create a new block in its position by clicking on the Add block symbol.
On the following window click on the create new block tab and select the menu type of block.
On the general tab you will be asked to give the name a block but again don’t worry too much about it as this is presented only in the admin panel for your convenience only.
On the content tab, select from the drop down list the new menu that you have just created.
Click on create and you are done.
Your new menu has been created and it is now full of color customized to your own needs.