CS-Cart 4 Template Installation

Before you begin with your template installation please make sure that you have the following tools and information available.


Check your version

Check that CS-Cart 4 software is installed on your server (current version 4.0.1). If you need to check which version of CS-Cart you have installed on your server simply add this "/changelog.txt" at the end of your store url and you will be presented with the current version of your store.

CS-Cart Version Changelog

Check your access

Have your administrator area url (usually ends in *admin.php) along with the necessary login information (username or email & password) available.
You willl need an FTP client such as CoreFTP or Filezilla or any other FTP client (for this demo we will use CoreFTP Lite which is a freeware).
Make sure you have the login information to your FTP account (usually provided by your hosting company).


Check your e-mail

All the files that you will need in order to install your template are sent to you via e-mail on your billing e-mail address (Paypal e-mail account). They are contained in a zip file which is named after the name of the template followed by the version of the template (e.g. template401.zip). In some cases where downloadable products are available your files can be found under your orders page.


Prepare and upload the template files

Login to your admin panel and go to Design  Themes. Click on the plus sign (+) located on the left in order to search for your theme zip file and upload it. 


Activate your Template

Login to your admin panel and go to Add-ons and then on the drop down menu select the Manage Add-ons option. Make sure you are viewing the "All stores" mode. To check that you are on the "All stores" mode make sure that on the top left side of your admin panel top bar, the "All stores" option is currently selected.
Scroll down the list of available Add-ons and locate the My changes Add-on. It is disabled by default so you will need to activate it.
Once the My changes addon is activated scroll up to locate the top right menu and go to Design and from the drop down list of selection click on the Themes option. 
You will be asked to select a Store in order to proceed so select the store of your choice.
Once you select a store click on the Available themes tab next to the General Tab. There you will find the newly added Theme presented with a thumbnail image. Hover over the new theme and select the Install option.
Once the new theme has been installed you will be transfered to the General tab and the new theme will be presented right below on the available themes section. Hover once again and select the Activate option to fit the theme on your store.


Clear your Cache. All of it!

CS-Cart uses cache files and so does your browser so in order to make sure that you are seeing your newly installed template you will have to clear all the cache files that are left on your CS-Cart and browser cache.
While you are still on your admin panel area click on the Administration menu item located on the top right menu and from the list of available options of the drop down list, select the Storage option and then click on the Clear cache option. 
At this point in order to check if your CS-Cart cache is cleared, try and open your store through a browser that you don't normally use (or haven't visited your store through this browser yet) and you should see the new template applied on your store. 
It is however most likely that your every-day use browser will not completely show your template due to temporary and cache files. 
In order to clear your browser cache files take the following actions depending on the browser you use:

Mozilla Firefox 22.0 and over: History/Clear recent history/Cookies, cache and Offline website data ticked/time range should be set to everything.

Internet Explorer 9 and over: Tools/Delete browsing history/Temporary internet files ticked.

Safari 5 and over: Edit/Empty Cache

Chrome 28 and over: Menu/Tools/Clear browsing data

After clearing both your CS-Cart and Browser cache you should be able to view the newly installed template.


Setting up your store

Right away you will notice that your store does not look identical with our demo store. If you want to achieve the same look you will have to make some changes that will help you achieve the same look. 
Banners are not automatically imported to your store so you will have to create your own banners and assign them to the appropriate blocks. The same applies for product blocks of the homepage such as Hotdeals or Featured products or any other similar block. You will have to populate those blocks with some products in order to make them appear on your store.


Something went wrong? Don't worry!

In case you feel that something went wrong during the installation of your template or you feel that this whole guide is too compliated to follow, or if you don't feel that you have the confidence it takes to hit those buttons, feel free to get in touch with us on our Helpdesk area. We will make sure to provide you with all the extra help that you will need in order to resolve any issue and make your installation as smooth as possible.