Emart Responsive Theme Installation Instructions

Before installing your Theme

It is important that you backup your store files and database before installing your theme in case anything goes wrong during the installation process. Although theme files do not modify or alter any of the core files of CS-Cart you are strongly advices to take the necessary precautions in order to protect your data and be able to restore them.


Your Theme files contents

The Theme files that you should have when purchasing the Emart Theme are the following:

  • Emart.zip (this is your base theme installation package that contains all of your theme's files)
  • Emart PSD Files.zip (this zip file contains all the PSD files for your theme's graphic elements such as slides and banners)
  • Emart.csv (this file contains the addtional language files of this theme that you should import in your store)


 Uploading your Theme files

Login to your CS-Cart admin panel and on the top right menu navigate to Design / Themes. Click onto the "upload theme" button which is found at the top right side (plus sign button). Find your theme installation package (Emart.zip) on your local computer files and upload it.


Installing and activating your Theme

Once you finish uploading your theme file go onto the "browse all available themes" tab and locate the newly uploaded theme. You should be able to see the theme name and screenshot. Hover over the screenshot and click onto the install button. Once the insallation is finished you will be returned to the General Tab. Locate the new theme at the bottom of the list and activate it by activating one of the available styles. The one that we use on our demo is the "fashion" style.


Activating the My Changes addon

On your admin panel navigate to Add-ons, then Manage Add-ons and look for the My Changes addon in the list of available addons. Install it if it's not already installed and then activate it.


Import Language Variables

Because there are some extra language variables that we have added on this theme you need to import them in order to be properly displayed. Simply go to Administration / Import Data / Translations and then on the laguage variables tab click on the Local button to locate the Emart.csv file and upload it.


Adding Demo Content

Pretty much at this point your theme is already installed. However if you want to recreate the demo layout you can perform the following steps and add the demo content. Along with your theme files inside your PSD zip archive you have all the slides and banners used in this theme. Go ahead and add the banners by going into Marketing / Banners on your admin panel. Add all banners as graphic banners or use the PSD files to create new banners of the same size and style. Once finished adding your banners make sure to go onto Design / Layouts and on the Homepage tab add the appropriate banners onto their corresponding blocks.