Ultima Responsive CS-Cart Theme


The Ultima Responsive Theme for CS-Cart is a new theme that brings so many new features. A static scrolling full-width multi color menu that is simply amazing will give you all the freedom in presenting your menu categories not only in multi color styles but in full width size as well making so much more comfortable to use and navigate. The product layout has also been redesigned into a intuitive left-right two panel view with a clean looking image on the left and all the necessary information on the right. Another addition that makes this theme unique is a smart filters toggle that will enable and disable them on click so that you get less distractions when viewing your products. Last but not least the blog layout has also been redesigned with a user friendly scrolling navigation menu to your latest articles as well as a multicolumn grid layout that just makes scrolling through the blog items much easier.

Ultima CS-Cart Responsive Theme Showcase

This theme is build using hooks. Template hooks allow you to upgrade your store to the latest version of CS-Cart without loosing your custom design changes or breaking your template. Moreover apart from CSS based changes no core files have been modified so you can rest assure that this theme will work for most minor upgrades of CS-Cart version 4.

The Ultima Theme is fully compatible with CS-Cart versions 4.6.x - 4.7.x - 4.8.x and over for both Ultimate and Multi-Vendor editions

With the purchase of this theme you get:

  • A complete guide with step by step installation instructions
  • The theme files and image files to be installed
  • Demo content such as banners and images