Toy Store Template v3


One of our latest templates for CS-Cart version 2 now comes for version 3 as well. The Toy Store Template is a unique design that has it's own color theme design feature. You can choose up to 14 different color combination wrappers (based on 7 colors) and set a unique color for every menu item of your top menu. This template is ideal for toy stores, kids clothes, gifts, games or any other product that could match this design.

 This template uses hooks for easy upgrades
 CSS based template with no core files modified
 CS-Cart version 3.0.6 compatible
 Photoshop PSD files included
 Installation guide included
 Multi-colored wrappers

7 Different Color Wrappers
The Toy Store Template comes with 7 different color wrappers that you can use on any block or menu item of your website.
The available colors are Purple, Blue, Cyan, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red and a default one which appears as silver.

7+1 Different Colors!

7 Full Color Combinations!
Just go into your block settings and choose one of the 7 different full colors.

 Single Color Wrappers


7 Semi Color Combinations!
You can find the semi-colored combinations inside your block settings with the suffix of "white".

7 Semi Color Wrappers