Configuring maps

The theme comes with a preset location set in the map which you can easily change by following the steps below:

  • Log in to your CS-Cart admin panel
  • Go to Design -> Templates
  • On the menu to your left nagivate to Material -> Templates -> Addons -> My Changes -> Hooks -> Index ->
  • On lines 21 and 37 change the coordinates to your desired ones (can be found using Google Maps)
  • Click the save changes button and your location is now set

Additionally you can control other variables of your map such as the zoom level at which the map loads. By default the zoom level is set to 11 and this value can be found and edited on line 17.

You can also change the colors that your map consists of. By default the theme styles 3 different colors that you can find on line 25. These are #444444 for text labels, #f2f2f2 for mainland background and #46bcec for water elements. Feel free to play around with these color HEX values and change them to match your color scheme.